Birth Plan

Creating a birth plan is one of the important preparation pregnant women has to do to ensure her birth wishes and requirements are clearly stated.

Firstly, I did not know what a birth plan is until I met my birth doula. This was unheard of and may be not a thing in India, where I come from. Even after I knew, I wondered if it is necessary. After couple of discussions with doula about preparing for birth, what to expect and what could go wrong etc., things started becoming clear to me. Birth plan seemed a way for me to channelize my thoughts about birth. This also helped me to create a positive birth scene in my mind and work towards it. So, dear mothers, go ahead and create a birth plan!

Once you have a birth plan, the next thing that’s important is sharing it with your midwife or doula who is going to be present at the birth. Also, you need translate it to the local language if necessary and take copies of it to give it to the midwives or doctors on duty at the hospital who would be helping you at the birth. This is important they read and understand your birth plan. If not done, don’t hesitate to say that they do. You will not be in a state to talk about it during birth. So your partner to help you out as necessary.

In my case, I gave birth in a Czech hospital. I forgot to translate my birth plan to Czech and take copies. My birth doula helped out a lot here. She seemed to have a blue print of it in her mind and she always communicated it to the midwife who was helping when needed. Thanks to her, I had a pleasant birth experiece.

Here is my birth plan. Feel free to use it as a motivation to create yours. I used the layout from Pregnancy+ app as a guideline to prepare this. But I didn’t do it directly using the app as that was a paid feature.

Birth Plan

  • Stay home as long as possible.
  • Dim light,quiet environment.
  • My partner, doula and midwife in the room. Doctor only when necessary.
  • No student midwives or doctors during labour or childbirth.
  • My doula or partner should be with me always.
  • Avoid continuous foetal monitoring and vaginal examinations.
  • Please remind me to drink regularly and use bathroom.
  • Should be able to move or walk around freely during labour.
  • I prefer birthing pool.
  • Squatting bar.
  • I’d like to listen to music and try aromatherapy.
  • I’d like to avoid any form of labour induction or pain relief.
  • I’d like to have massages and warm compresses during labor and bearing down as a way to relax.
  • Remind me to relax if you see me holding back or tightening my muscles.
  • Would like to try different birthing positions.
  • I’d like direction on when to push or not to avoid tearing of perineum.
  • Avoid episiotomy unless its an emergency.
  • I’d like to use a mirror to motivate me to breathe down the baby.
  • Would like to know the exact time of birth.
  • In case of any interventions (C-section, forceps, vacuum extractor) I would like to take a second opinion.
  • Do not provide any medication to speed up delivery of placenta.
  • Cord cutting delayed until pulsation stops.
  • My partner would like to cut the cord.
  • Partner will stay with baby in my absence.
  • Me or my partner will accompany baby during medical examination.
  • Skin to skin contact and time to bond soon after delivery.
  • All medical examination for the baby should be done after bonding unless really necessary.
  • I’d like to breastfeed my baby after birth and might need help.
  • Do not wash the baby after birth
  • Do not give formula milk unless requested.
  • Vegetarian food only during postpartum.
Written on May 10, 2023