e-payana is our dream from a long time. We dedicate it to our little son Rio. We wish to share our memorable experiences that we have gathered through this journey.

More Information

We ventured out of India 10 years ago. India is at our heart which guides us who we are and extends the values like love, culture and relationship acting as a launchpad for experiencing things around the world.

In our native language ‘e’ stands for ‘this’. Hence we thought of calling our site ‘e-payana’ where ‘payana’ stands for ‘the journey’. We have had an interesting journey so far and looking forward to more new rejuvinating experiences.

What do we cover

Starting with the birth story of our son, we wish to share some of the valuable inputs for a healthy natural birth, some of the nutritious vegan and vegetarian recipes for living a healthy life and our travel experiences. Hope you all enjoy reading and trying some of the recipes.

To share a little more about ‘why recipes’? Cooking is one of my hobbies. I am a South Indian and I come from the central region of state of Karnataka. I come from a religion who prefer eating vegetarian food. We cook vegan and vegetarian cuisines at home. I am inspired by my mother-in- law who enjoys cooking. She prepares tasty and healthy food filled with lots of vegetables, nuts, coconut and spices. Her love for the family shines through the dishes she prepares. She is very creative and enthusiastic about trying new recipes. My beloved mother brings some signature dishes from the region, south of Karnataka, where she comes from. Very simple and healthy dishes. She keeps up some of the traditional dishes from her family.

I am recording the recipes I have learnt from my mother-in-law and mother, also some of my creations with the intention to preserve them for generations to come. Enjoy cooking authentic south indian dishes!